Surveys involve readership and publishers of a mix of national, regional, and local newspapers, both urban and rural areas, and both non-digital and digital (on-line) newspapers.


To be clear, the definition of newspaper for our purposes: A newspaper is a type of printed media that typically contains news of general interest such as current events, crime, entertainment, and sports. It is typically released daily or weekly and is available in retail news stands or through subscriptions. Newspapers such as Wall Street Journal, USA Today, News York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post are among the most popular newspapers in the United States.


Traditional newspapers typically have the following features: front page which contains the most significant or interesting issues; editorial page which often reflects the general opinion of the publication regarding the most important news; and column which contains explicit opinions or point of view of writers. Other sections of a newspaper include local/national/international news, health news, fashion/style, home news, classified ads, political news, weather reports, radio or television guide, obituaries, and celebrity gossips.


While newspaper is considered one of the most important forms of media, its market share dramatically decline in 2008 due to recession, combined with the sudden popularity of web-based publications.

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