Featured on this site are small group of professionals from various sectors of the publishing industry. We are all tired about some information that is not easily being available to us – or for that matter, to many of those involved in the industry – so we have decided to produce that information ourselves.


We all have day jobs. We have no ambitions to leverage this site somehow into a major market research conglomerate. We are able to use our available databases of the people involved on all sides in our industry, and there is information that we think is useful and valuable, both to us and those who participate in these various industries. We have backgrounds, some of us, in survey design; we have the industry participant lists (enough, anyway), and we have curiosity, just like you.


As this is a sideline, we don’t plan to correspond through the many valid conversations and debates about our industries. However, if you have ideas about what other sets of information might be valuable to be surveyed in addition to what you see from us, please send us a note here, as we want to hear what you want to know and learn about, alongside us


Thank you

Clara Harris


#16 Lakeview Drive, New River, M.M.