We are a group of professionals in various parts of the publishing industries that discovered we all had the same frustration. We were all curious about the very many issues regarding the people we are supposedly serving, but most of what we wanted to know either didn’t exist anywhere, or was horribly expensive to acquire.


So we decided to ask you, in surveys, about your history and your opinions about the industry (namely, newspaper, periodical, and book publishing) in a series of ongoing surveys.


We also figure that, if we are curious about these things, you are too. Therefore, our policy on all surveys we conduct is that all participants – everyone that answers the survey – will receive the full results of the survey, delivered the moment the results are finalized.


The idea is simple. We are supposed to be serving an industry that we don’t think we know enough about to serve. We’re going to change that for us –and for you –by providing the information we’re all eager to know.


To ensure the surveys have validity, two primary principles need to be respected:


• First, we need to ensure we are in control of the statistical viability of the ‘subject pool’ on all surveys. In other words,    we are sending surveys to people we know are members of the sector of our various industries, and the methods for selecting these people for each survey are either randomly selected or are carefully matched to represent the proportions of their overall ‘universe’ population. Only those people receiving an invitation to the survey can respond, and each can respond only once.


• Second, we will publish the results of each survey only after a particular number have responded. Usually this will be possible within 2 weeks. “How many respondents are enough” varies depending on the survey. Many times, the criteria will be statistical significance to such a degree that one can have a particular level of confidence that the results represent the sector as a whole accurately. Other times, with smaller sectors, that is not possible and different criteria (and different subject pool selection methodology) is used.


If you are reading this, it is likely you have received one of our surveys and we appreciate that you are as curious as we are. We look forward to your answers!

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